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Frame Design

Smart system for creating magnets photos frames, magnets for events and more

frame Design has created for you magnet photographers a system for creating frames for events by your customers,​  Since there is a problem of graphic ability and problem to weave into the right frame for the customer, we have developed a smart and simple to use system that requires very basic knowledge of computers in order to build the frame independently and in perfect accordance with the personal concept. Beyond that, the system saves you the magnet photographers time and money and also enriches your personal reputation as a magnet photographer, and introduces you as a technologically advanced magnet photographer. In addition to magnet frames that can be designed from scratch, there are ready-to-choose frames, after the selection there is an option to see the frame, make repairs and more and download the frame to your personal computer, the customer and the photographer have an option to upload their own logo or personal element. The frame of the magnet or kindergarten has a logo that makes a Purim event in the kindergarten and the kindergarten teacher wants to have a logo on the frame and more ...

Of course you can see a complete tutorial on the tutorial video page on the home page. So there is nothing to wait for anymore,

Photographer Magnets Do not be left behind and join the success of Israel's and beyond.

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